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[technology-pmc] Aperi Project status

Greetings Aperi committers,

It seems that your development efforts are on track and that you're doing good things.

There seems to be a healthy (and steady) number of folks downloading Aperi software, but I can't seem to find where/how that community is interacting with the committers.

There is very little activity on the newsgroup. There are a couple of questions that do not appear to have been answered in that forum. Is there another forum that your using to interact with your user community? Further, there are almost no bug reports raised against Aperi by non-committers. Can you account for that?

I did find an Aperi blog [1] that appears to have last been posted to in January 2008. It'd be nice to see more regular blogging. AFAICT, the blog is not aggregated on Planet Eclipse. Should it be? Is the blog aggregated elsewhere? I assume that there are SAN-specific forums where this blog would fit well.

What does Aperi do to raise awareness of the project and develop community?

Is it almost time to start thinking about doing another webinar for EclipseLive?

EclipseCon is coming. It's time to start thinking about talks. Linux DevCon is being run in conjunction with EclipseCon this year; this may be naive on my part, but are there any synergies that can be leveraged here?

What does the future hold for Aperi? Do you expect that it will remain a Technology project, or is there a natural home for it in one of the other projects? Does it fit as a runtime technology in the RT project?

Wayne Beaton
Technology PMC Lead

[1] http://aperi.blogspot.com