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[technology-pmc] Albireo Project Status

Greetings Albireo committers and community.

I've just done a quick non-technical review of the project and have a
few comments/questions. I'm just trying to get a sense for the level of
activity and interest in the project and see where/how I can help out.

There seems to be a healthy amount of development, though from the
lowered pace, it seems that you are reaching a level  of maturity. Are
you gearing up for a release?

The project description is missing from the the "Project Info" page [1].
Actually, there's a lot of missing stuff on the project info page. It'd
be nice to see links to Bugzilla, and the project plan. Also, the August
1/08 release is currently marked tentative; it may be time to revisit
this :-)

Information on the Project Info can be entered using the Portal. If you
have any problems/questions using the portal, let me know (and I'll
properly chastise the portal developers).

I can't find a project plan. Does one exist?

Is it time to change the tense on the landing page from future to
present? i.e. can we change sentences like "Albireo will run on version
3.3 and higher of SWT." to "Albireo *runs* on version 3.3 and higher of

Do you have any sense for how large your community is? There is almost
no activity on the newsgroup [2] (I don't see any recent activity,
anyway). 253 downloads of your May 28 "RCP" archive leads me to think
that there are a lot of folks who care. Do you hear from them? Is there
another channel that I've missed? 

There appears to have been a flurry of downloads last week (72 on August
22). Any idea why?

I found references to the project in the JViews Blog [3], but this blog
is not aggregated on Planet Eclipse as far as I can tell. Does it make
sense to aggregate this blog? or is there another blog that we can
aggregate on the planet?

Does it make sense to revisit the Eclipse Corner article on SWT/Swing
integration [4]? Perhaps an update to this article which specific focus
on Albireo is order? Or maybe a companion article?

Technology PMC Member