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[technology-pmc] Re: Third party dependencies in ACTF project (TTS, IE and Flash player)

Title: New Page 1
The Technology PMC has decided that the ACTF requirements qualify as:
  • TTS - a "works with" requirement - no additional paperwork is required
  • IE - an "exempt pre-req" - please enter a Contribution Questionnaire for this and enter this email trail as documentation. After review by the EMO (note that I've already cleared this decision with the EMO, so this 'review' is just a formality), the Eclipse Legal people will mark the CQ as approved.
  • Flash - "an exempt pre-req" - again, please enter a Contribution Questionnaire for this as well. Same mechanism as above.
Thanks for helping us maintain a clear IP trail for Eclipse code,

Ref: http://dev.eclipse.org/mhonarc/lists/technology-pmc/msg00780.html
Dear Technology-PMC members,

In the ACTF project, we assume some components are already installed in 
each user's environment.
Would you please let me know if these dependencies are safe for us to use 
the components, or if we need to do anything?
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