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[tcf-dev] Description of TCF features for Release Review Docs

Hi all,


I’m looking for a crisp description of what the TCF project provides.


While I think I’m having that for the TCF agent and protocol (based on the Wiki), I

Do not think I have it for the end-user visible tooling support that we currently

Provide. So one particularly interesting ingredient of that would be how TCF

compares to what the Eclipse Community already knows:

-          How does the TCF debugger compare to a gdb debugger ?

-          How does Target Explorer compare to RSE ?


I’m not looking for a long-winded feature-by-feature comparison, but a crisp

description of important differences that would help adopters (a) understand

what we are doing and (b) decide whether it is interesting for them to move

from what they currently have to the new infrastructure.


For example, here’s what I could envision for Target Explorer:


Target Explorer is an evolution of RSE, getting rid of overly complex layers, caching and duplication of

features that exist in the Platform already. The UI as well as contribution of additional subsystems is

centered around the Common Navigator, and leverages standard Common Navigator extensions for

the most part.  From an end user’s point of view,

-          Target Explorer is thinner, faster and more reliable than RSE for simple connections.

-          Target Explorer is extendable for connection types, but as per the 1.0 release only following are provided as exemplary:

o   TCF (files, processes, terminals)

o   SSH, Telnet, Serial (terminals only)

-          Target Explorer provides infrastructure for dynamic target discovery

o   Including infrastructure for target configuration (subsystems) based on discovered settings / properties of connections

-          Following RSE features are not implemented in Target Explorer as of the 1.0 release:

o   No Local caching of remote files (therefore also no conflict resolution is needed)

o   No common infrastructure for “Filters” or “Filter Pools” (Common Navigator View Filtering is used instead)

o   No Codepage conversion (binary upload/download only)

o   No compressed “supertransfer” support

o   No Diff/Compare/Merge tool integration for remote files

o   No EFS provider (An EFS provider at the right layer should be contributed directly by a connection service instead)

o   No “Profiles”, “Shells”, or “Environment Variables” infrastructure (Terminals are the concept of choice in Target Explorer)

o   No “Tableview” or polling “Remote Monitor”  infrastructure (Connection Editor is used instead for relevant details of connections)

o   No common UI widgets for selecting remote connections or files


Please review the above, fix/add anything I’m missing or getting wrong, and provide something similar for TCF debugger.


Could you provide that ?





Martin Oberhuber, SMTS / Product Architect – Development Tools, Wind River

direct +43.662.457915.85  fax +43.662.457915.6