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Re: [tcf-dev] Any documentation on Target Explorer?

Hi Anna,

No, we don't have anything written down, but I will be happy to answer all your questions regarding the Target Explorer component.

The very rough overall plan is to have the Target Explorer complete for use with Linux targets for the Juno release, together with the TCF 1.0.0 framework release. The preliminary feature list is:
	- Common Navigator based "Target Explorer" view
	- Full featured TCF locator content provider (auto discovered peers + manual created ones)
	- TCF file system service based remote file system browsing (read/write)
	- TCF sysmonitor service based remote process browsing + TCF debugger integration
	- TCF terminal service based terminals support
	- SSH terminals support

We don't know yet the level of remote process launching we will be able to support with Target Explorer 1.0.0.

Best regards, Uwe :)

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> Hi All,
> Is there any documentation/project plan/etc in any form for the Target Explorer component?
> Thanks!
> Anna.
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