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Re: [tcf-dev] A question about tcf 0.4.0 in indigo

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> Subject: [tcf-dev] A question about tcf 0.4.0 in indigo
> Hi, all
> Indigo is finally released and now tcf 0.4.0 release is now in the available
> sites!
> But when I tried to install it, it failed because there's no software in the target
> location.

Well, it's a long story. It is an official release, but there wasn't a lot of effort put into making it easily consumable. We cut the release for two reasons, one for an internal Wind River milestone, and to meet the Indigo requirements for CDT's EDC debugger which uses TCF.

> So, is there any plan about when it would be ready?

Our plan at the moment is to move towards a 1.0 release in the upcoming months which will be a bit more complete and include our new Target Explorer which allows you to interact with targets without needing RSE. If there is anything you'd like to see in that release, please let us know.
> Thanks a lot for your help!

No problem. I am looking at Yocto as a lead consumer of TCF. You guys have done a great job with TCF and I want to make sure you're successful.