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[swtbot-dev] random test failures and SWTBot timing parameters

We are trying to add UI tests to Eclipse EGit using SWTBot.

On my box I face random test failures (using Eclipse 3.5.1). Robin seems not to face
these problems on 3.4 with an older version of SWTBot.

The only way I found to get rid of these random failures was to increase the SWTBot timing
parameters to
-Dorg.eclipse.swtbot.playback.poll.delay=500 -Dorg.eclipse.swtbot.playback.delay=400

Is that expected or do I miss some other potential root cause of these random failures.
Tweaking timing parameters depending on hardware sounds like an invitation for false negatives
if the same tests run in different environments (OS, hardware, Eclipse, CI (Hudson, Maven)).

Here the patch and review discussion about what we are trying: