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[swtbot-dev] swtbot 2.0 support in eclipse 3.3

Hey Guys,

I just updated to SWTBot 2.0 and need to setup a pde build of my plugin with Eclipse 3.3.
I updated to SWTBot 2.0 with the ganymede update url.

with the necessary updates made to my source files, the compilation issues have been resolved. I however do *NOT* see an SWTBot Test Launch configuration in the Eclipse Run/Debug configuration window.

I noticed that the minimum version for org.eclipse.core.runtime in all swtbot plugin manifests is set to 3.4.0 inclusive. Could that be the reason?

What do I need to do to
1) use swtbot 2.0 in eclipse 3.3 while testing my plugin. As I don't see the swtbot test launch config.

Thanks in advance.