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[swtbot-dev] Australian keyboard layouts


I was recently trying to use SWTBot to invoke some keyboard shortcuts on an application I'm working on.
I kept getting an ExceptionInIntializerError which itself wraps an IllegalArgumentException that arises when trying to get the default keyboard layout.

The root cause was that there is no .keyboard file in for my particular layout (MAC_EN_AU) in org/eclipse/swtbot/swt/finder/keyboard.

I'd thus like to request that a couple of new keyboard layouts be added to SWTBot: EN_AU and MAC_EN_AU.
These can just be copies of the current EN_US and MAC_EN_US layouts; as far as I can tell all the current mappings in the US layouts are also valid for Australian keyboards.

I've switched to the US layout to fix the issue but it would be nice if the problem didn't arise to begin with.