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RE: [subversive-dev] Revision Graph

Hello Jesper,
Revision graph caches results for repository, so if you call graph for any resource from repository then cache will be used. In order to calculate all copies (branches/tags/trunk) for resource and all related to it resources we need to log ALL repository.
In next versions we plan to show caches information in preferences and add ability to manipulate them, e.g. delete, export, import etc.

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Subject: SV: [subversive-dev] Revision Graph

Ah, it does indeed appear to cache the result.


Subsequent revision graphs render pretty fast.


Super! J




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Emne: SV: [subversive-dev] Revision Graph


Interesting. Very!


But when I opened Revision Graph for a random file, it traverses *all* revisions on our server. We are close to 100.000 revisions at present.


Obviously, it takes a fair bit of time (64.000 revisions to go at the moment), so I am not sure I actually get to *see* the result for another hour or so.


Is it not possible to make a log on the resource in question, and then poll SVN for the specific revisions that have been involved?


If not, I hope the plugin at least caches the result, or I am pretty sure it is unusable for us? L






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Sendt: 20. april 2010 12:19
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Emne: [subversive-dev] Revision Graph


Dear Subversive Users,

We are glad to announce that there was added Revision Graph which allows to view in a graphical way the history of the resource including copies, e.g. trunk, branches and tags. You can call revision graph from 'Show Revision Graph' action. It was added in 0.7.8.I20100419-1900 version. Currently it's available only from weekly build: http://download.eclipse.org/technology/subversive/0.7/weekly-site/.

Best Regards,
Subversive Team