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[stp-pmc] Meeting at the ESE

two weeks ago there was a conversation at the soa-iwg mailing list to  
have a face to face meeting ESE to discuss the next steps for the SOA  
TLP. I nobody objects I would volunteer to organize the meeting and  
suggest to either have the meeting on the 28th 5pm - 7pm or the 29th  
1pm - 3pm.
The following topics were proposed in mailing list until now:

- Starting the SOA TLP: What are the next steps?
- A new Repository project under the SOA TLP: Who is interested to  
- Integrating existing STP components to the SOA Platform: What makes  
- INRIA’s future contribution to the SOA TLP
- Fiefdom of the SOA TLP PMC and fiefdom of the SOA IWG: Is it clear  
for partners that not form part of the SOA IWG?
- Who will lead the SOA TLP? Oisin? What are the objectives and the  
assignments of the SOA TLP lead?
- Some tasks are crucial; for instance, support for the build  
infrastructure: Oisin, we need you ;-)
- Each project will continue to be independent or do we plan some  
integration effort?
- We need to start the SOA TLP as soon as possible. Time goes  
quickly... What can we do to speed-up the process?

If you want to participate just send me a mail (mailto:zsolt.beothy-elo@xxxxxxxxx 
) which date suits you best and optionally additionally topics we  
should discuss. I will then send an invitation and a rough agenda  
before the ESE starts.