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Re: [stp-pmc] EclipseCon tutorial selection

Great, glad to hear you're alive and well. :)  If you can change the status
of the BPMN modeler submission to ACCEPTED, we'll be set.


On 11/27/06 7:07 AM, "Hurley, Oisin" <oisin.hurley@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> We also haven't been able to reach Oisin - hope he's fine!
> I am still alive! :)
>> For whatever reason (email filter, vacation,
>> etc.), I have been unable to get a response from Oisin
>> regarding tutorial selection for EclipseCon 2007.
> Sorry Richard - a combination of laptop meltdown and
> travel have caused me to miss out.
>> http://eclipsezilla.eclipsecon.org/show_bug.cgi?id=3595  The
>> STP BPMN modeler
>> We have an extra slot for short tutorials, so
>> it's possible to select both, if you feel they are quality submissions.
>> If Oisin, or someone from the PMC, can
>> recommend one or both, we can move forward with final
>> selection and announcements regarding the tutorial program.
> I want to recommend the STP BPMN modeler for inclusion
> in the track. 
>  regards
>   Oisin

Richard C. Gronback
Borland Software Corporation
+1 860 227 9215