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[stp-pmc] STP milestone dates (provisional)

Since nothing focusses the mind better than a deadline,
I suggest we commit to going into Europa next year.

Working backwards from that, assuming a 30 June delivery, we get:

 RC2  -- 01 jun
 RC1  -- 04 may
 M4   -- 16 mar
 M3   -- 02 feb
 M2   -- 22 dec
 M1   -- 03 nov

I've assumed 4 weeks for each RC, 6 weeks per milestone. We need to
pick a scenario or two on which to deliver. We have some at


but they are limited and I enjoin you to add to this, or get someone
else to :)

My current STP pitch goes thusly:  That is are more than one
class of SOA developer and that each of these classes have a
different entry point to the toolset. We need to address all
of these in some fashion:

 1.  coding developer -> uses service creation tech to make
   and test services

 2.  SOA designer -> constructs the overall picture of the SOA
   to be deployed

 3.  compositional developer ->  re-uses existing services and
   joins them together, perhaps with routing/enrichment services

 4.  Modeling developer ->  comes from a world of BPM and needs
   to create services from those models

Then of course once those guys are happy, we need to be able
to deploy everything to a mix of containers.

There's a number of work items, which I'll bundle together into
areas and which can be addressed by coding, or through integration
with elements from other projects.

Development Support:
 * support for JAXWS service creation
 * support for SCA local/remote services, Java and C++
 * BPEL composition construction
 * all these things need introspectors to populate the
   central model

SCA Support:
 * model up-to-date with standard work
 * visualization of model, with manipulation features

Deployment Support:
 * WTP/STP blended deployment/runtime framework
 * deploy to Tuscany runtime
 * JBI deployment

User Support:
 * Overhaul website
 * Review documentation of subprojects

It would be very useful if each of our subproject leads could
give us some ideas about how they see their project element
moving forward.


+353 1 637 2639