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Call for PMC Vote (was Re: [stp-pmc] BPMN code contribution from Intalio: committers)

On 20 Sep 2006, at 18:25, Carl Trieloff wrote:

I think it would be quite reasonable to remove the initial set of name from intalio if they
are not going to be active and have call vote to have these added to match the initial
contribution. I however think this should be seen as an exception and only considered
because of the delay in getting this piece of initial source.

Yes, this is an unusual scenario - we have had threads on the mailing list associated with the topic of commit rights and the earning of same in the past - but this is truly an initial contribution, with a supporting team of committers.

At this point, with no other comments I would like our PMC members
to please submit a VOTE on this issue.

My vote stands at +1