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[stp-pmc] Fwd: WTP-STP Working Group

Hi all,
On Friday I had a conversation with Naci Dai on the subject of collaboration with WTP. Here's the email
that he send out to WTP-PMC:

Oisin Hurley (STP PMC lead) and I have had a phone discussion on ways for kicking off  facilitating the WTP and STP collaboration.  It was a very useful discussion and a summary of this call was:

  • A joint workgroup would help speed the process of collaboration between the projects. The following would also help:
    • A conf call every other week  to start planning, follow progress and resolve issues.
    • Volunteers from wtp & stp to lead this effort.
    • Component owners in wtp & stp that would own the work
  • Gather Feedback and Information on areas where collaboration would occur
    • Feedback from PMCs, contributors, component owners and community on specific areas where this work should be focused.
    • Committers who commit to both STP & WTP are very valuable
    • Feedback from wtp-dev and stp-dev groups
    • A bugzilla entry to organize the topics.
    • An initial rough set of topics would probably include:
      • Runtime/Server Support
      • Multiple deployment
      • Service Creation
      • Extensibility of WTP Wizards and APIs
      • Project Facets
  • Provide feedback to WTP planning process for v2.0
  • Use a joint wiki page to edit and publish this information.

Our relationship with WTP is of paramount importance -- by maintaining a close relationship we will
have more latitude to discuss possible extensions to their APIs and components, as well as being 
able to take advantage of the established technology that they have developed over the last number
of years.  

I will follow up with more information later. Consider thinking about being one of our volunteers :)