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[stp-dev] Latest changes on ScaResourceImpl

Hi SCA folks,


I noticed a change in org.eclipse.stp.sca.util.ScaResourceImpl on the save() method, that checks for the selected namespace (SCA or Tuscany), invoking the getSelectedNamespace() method before the actual saving takes place. However, I noticed that this method takes the URI of a resource and assumes it as a Platform URI (which starts with “platform:/”). While this could work perfectly for the handling of SCA resources with SCA editors, other ways to create this kind of models require the URI to be a File URI (which starts with “file:/”), which is the case, for example, of ATL in order to create the resource which contains the output of a model transformation… so at this moment we’re unable to generate SCA models with the IM Builder J. I just wanted to know if you were aware of this issue and if there’s anything you can recommend me to solve it.


Thanks a lot!