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Re: [stp-dev] STP Committer/Developer commit process page

Different organizations have different cultures and diferent process. It
would be better to look at this in terms of the outcome not the process,
the bugzilla bug arrival rate, bug severity/age. These actually tell
you where your process has a problem. Let's post statistics for bugs by
component with names of committers against them, name and shame the
committers who have high bug arrival rates and high age of bugs. Then
it'll fix itself bottom up, committers will put in place process that
generates good code. Otherwise committers get to claim they write good
code because they adhere well to the process. Bad situation. Been there in TPTP.


Oisin Hurley wrote:

Stefan has already started this conversation earlier but the limits on code coverage (>70%) and the code reviews mentioned in here make me somewhat nervous about resource and being able to make good progress in the project.

It makes me even more nervous to know that potentially untested and
unreviewed commits could happen :) There will be a middle way I am

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