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[stem-dev] Notes from today's STEM community call

STEM Community Call May 31, 2012

On Call: Jamie, Stefan, Matt, Kun, Chris, Werner, Judy


1. Date for milestone build: 6/1/12; another in July
    List of features: not required; gets in metadata only if numbered as a release (not a milestone)

Item to go on newsgroup: 1.4.0.milestone 1; new download on download page; shows progress toward next release, makes new features, enhancements available for testing prior to release 1.4.0

2. 1.4.0 Release Plan (tentative 9/25/2012): No issues  
   Need milestone build around 6/1 and/or monthly: Yes, see above
        need to update plan page (and title)

    Performance improvements
    Parallel map views button (Chris to add a list of new map view features)
    Simplified creation of new Disease and Population models (Tools for generating new disease plugins)
    Pajek-file Importer:
        Enable import of discrete transportation events
        Enable integration between user graphs and existing STEM graphs
    Polio Example
    Stochastic Modeling Framework
    Ability to Delete Items inside a Graph from Designer Perspective
    Deep copy drag and drop for models
    Create new mixing edges (Chris to put edges back; Jamie to do generator)
    Improved UI for Decorators View


Re Matthias’s request for new user-friendly algorithm: Chris will create feature request/assign to Jamie; Jamie will handle

Re generator: Will create newsgroup item next week once code is in for:



3. NEW DOC FOR 1.4.0
 * Wiki practice
 * Mixing edges and mixing edge graph generator: See above
 * Map view features    
 * Best Practice for Developers, writing performance critical components in STEM (in progress)
 * Additional doc for more realistic food SCENARIO doc is done but not in wiki yet. Scenario today.
 * Need better top level food modeling doc (draft created)


Discussion re Matthias’ new idea: What to call feature Chris want to create a farm where newborns are infected?

Disease initializer? Congenital disease model? Constant infector? Constant prevalence model?

Jamie: Need doc w/ epidemiological foundation

Chris: Will create list for stem-dev w/ input from Stefan

5. ISVEE2012 POSTER: Work in progress

6. UPDATE on JET: Per Matt, have made progress, ready for next stage

7. BUGs of the week: #258989 Refactoring (update)

Matt: Concern re global model

Jamie: Progress bar an option?


Werner: Posted item re possible new use for STEM; any plans to use Tyco, a new way of building plug-ins?

Jamie: May look @ this in future, not now

Chris & Werner: Will firm up any possible Berlin plans next week

Jamie: New intern, Daniel, to be on call next week