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Re: [stem-dev] Changed order in Simulation

Hi Chris,

These fixes sound good. I'm preparing to commit a number of changes to the 
Simulation class as outlined here: 
Our changes don't really conflict and they merged without trouble.  One 
question is whether we even need the simulation sleep option anymore, 
although I think it's useful in some cases.  No point in removing 
something that may be useful, although maybe we disable it by default in 
the future.


stem-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote on 04/24/2012 09:01:08 AM:

> From: "Thoens Christian" <Christian.Thoens@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> To: "stem-dev" <stem-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>, 
> Date: 04/24/2012 09:07 AM
> Subject: [stem-dev] Changed order in Simulation
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> Hi all,
> I changed the order of execution in the run method of the Simulation
> class. Now it's the following order:
> 1. Simulation is updated
> 2. Listeners are called
> 3. Simulation sleeps if necessary
> Previously the listeners were called after the sleep. Another thing I
> changed is that the Simulation does not sleep, if no step is done
> afterwards. For example if you press the step button there is no sleep.
> The changes are committed to the trunk.
> Regards,
> Chris
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