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Re: [stem-dev] SVN Directory Structure

Seems like a reasonable structure. Breaking out STEM so that diseases and geography are completely separate would be a good thing. Ideally, STEM would be a small RCP that then goes to an update site that pulls in the disease modeling and geography features that turn it into a disease modeling system (rather than something else) would be a good thing. The basic RCP and its "extensions" could be developed and maintained independently. Decoupling is good. Perhaps "designing" separate "components" in the repository would map to such an approach.

Maybe the next step is to discuss a breakdown of STEM into its "Components".

Strawman components:
Core Models (graph, scenario, experiment, etc.)
Disease Modeling



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[stem-dev] SVN Directory Structure

Hi all,

On the call today, there was a discussion about directory structure for the SVN move. It was decided that we should follow a consistent naming scheme to what other Eclipse projects are using.

For SVN, you have the three default roots, used for tagged revision control:

- trunk
- tags
- branches

Some Eclipse Projects are moving toward a more standardized sub-convention based on workspace project type.

For example, in the Equinox repository, in the trunk they have:

- compendium
- components
- framework
- incubator
.. etc

and then inside of some of those directories, you see:

- bundles
- features
- examples
- tests

In my opinion, separating bundles, features, examples, and tests is a good strategy (although it slightly complicates checkout). Should there be any higher granularity to the separation (maybe data, models, or geography?) Also, should there be a higher level separation between logical components of STEM (core, diseases, UI, etc)?

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