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Re: [soa-pmc] Joint Submission for SOA Track

Hi Marc,


I would certainly be interested in taking part in this. I’m sorry I’m completely over my head this week hence my slow (and small) reply. I could contribute to a general presentation by presenting how Mangrove fits in the overall picture as well as talk about DSL integration in BPMS/SOA through Mangrove, which could be interesting to a number of people in the Eclipse community. Here’s a first draft of what I could be talking about:


Designing business process models and service oriented artifacts in Eclipse is well supported by a variety of tools, such as the set of editors  available in the Eclipse SOA top-level project. Similarly, many people use domain specific editors to instantiate their DSLs. We aim to bridge the two worlds in order to bring the power of DSL expressivity into the SOA/BPM enterprise modeling tools while properly leveraging SOA runtime support.


We will present and demonstrate how popular Eclipse SOA modeling tools can be connected with DSL editors while preserving consistency of artifacts. We will show:

-          How business processes defined with Eclipse BPMN editors can define DSL subprocesses that can subsequently be refined in their respective DSL editors

-          How DSL-based processes can be exposed in BPMN and SOA architectural diagrams (SCA)


The talk will illustrate these points through practical demonstrations using existing Eclipse editors. It will also show practically how any DSL can be integrated in this manner by highlighting the various plugins that need to be used. The artifacts stored in the Mangrove instance will be displayed visually using the new Mangrove editor.




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Hi Marc

Here at Open Wide we're very much interested in such a join track.

To start the ball rolling, here are a few talk ideas on our side :

* a "documentation" talk.
Title ideas : "Models as operational documentation"," From Eclipse EMF to CMIS document management", "Give a new life to your models after design time, as operational documentation in an ECM, with JWT as use case"
This topic has already been talked about in the PMC.
=> It could be enriched / revamped if other people (Zsolt, Adrian, Stéphane, Alain, Marc) have things to say on the "documentation" topic, or even want to integrate their components (SCA, BPMN2) in this use case / this component.
A version has already been shown at Grenoble Juno DemoCamp, see slides http://www.slideshare.net/mdutoo/eclipse-democamp-2012ecmv05pub
Abstract is described in the second paragraph (*) at http://www.easysoa.org/2012/06/publishing-models-documentation-at-eclipse-juno-democamp-grenoble/

* Managing your SOA with Eclipse SOA and EasySOA
Now, this is only a follow-up of the previous one in the case where the document management platform is actually EasySOA v1 (should be ready by then).
There are two steps / themes.
** 1. Documenting your SOA with Eclipse SOA and EasySOA
We'd like to show how it allows to discover services online & in the code, and mix this information up with (Eclipse SOA) business & architecture models and manual documentation in a single SOA documentation portal.
** 2. Getting back the control of your SOA with Eclipse SOA and EasySOA
We'd like to show how EasySOA allows to detect inconsistencies between modeled expectations and the actual developed / deployed / tested SOA.
=> here also people welcome, especially Stéphane on SCA (I'll call you up to dig this a bit) ! Triggers anything for anybody else ?

* Multi Platform Entreprise Processes : from business modeling to architecture and execution
Entreprise BPM solutions (such as BonitaSoft's, Activiti or Spagic's) are usually single-deployment platform, in the all-in-one & integrated spirit. However, multi-platform processes, that is business processes that are translated to several executable processes or code logic deployed on different platforms, are becoming necessary in the entreprise. Indeed, on the "several executable processes", side more and more entreprise solutions (as Document Management, Collaboration, Portals...) embed their own workflow engine. And if it's not the case, there is even a better reason, that stems from aligement on business : the "purely business" process modeled first out of discussions with business users will never match perfectly with the span of the underlaying workflow solution, and some part of it will have to be developed in custom code within existing applications, if only forms and validation logic based on their existing internal services.
This talk will show how Eclipse JWT (Java Workflow Tooling), helped by the EasySOA service registry, allows to first design a "purely business" process, then map parts of it onto physical platforms in an architectural phase, and how compatible SOA BPM solutions such as OW2 Scarbo 2 allow to deploy and execute them.
=> on the "architecture" part, SCA (or Mangrove) editor & people (Stéphane, Adrian, Alain) are very much welcome to plug in. Other are welcome if they have things to say on the topic (Marc and Stardust ??)


business domain models designed in Eclipse can valuably go in a Document Management System (DMS) along with generated documentation (such images, HTML, PDF) and get a new life there as design documentation that is versioned, published and available to all, from business users to developers. Saying it otherwise, there’s a life for models after design time, and that’s as reference and documentation.

Note that we are not talking about collaborative model editing, as in Eclipse Dawn / CDO, but at what happens once edition has ended and how to make it valuable beyond Eclipse-using business analysts and architects.

This is a larger problem than specific Eclipse BPMN / Mangrove integration with EasySOA Core as demonstrated last year at the same place, that we sought to answer with a far more generic solution. To make things short, it involves the CMIS standard and its Apache Chemistry client on the DMS side, and a customizable ATL model-to-model transformation with matching and filtering strategies on the Eclipse EMF model side.

Our demonstration has been done in the case of Eclipse Java Workflow Tooling (JWT) models (for now it’s been prototyped as an Eclipse JWT transformation). It’s been tested to work with a bare Nuxeo DMS as well as with its Alfresco Open Source competitor. From here, we’d like to write an ATL transformation more specific to the EasySOA Core extensions to the Nuxeo model.

Le 03/07/2012 17:22, Marc.Gille@xxxxxxxxxxx a écrit :



as we could not address this in todays call:


I am proposing to submit a proposal for a joint half or full day SOA/BPM track as a joint contribution for Eclipse Con Europe. I had discussed this with a bunch of program committee members already and they seem to like it.


If you agree we should gather presentation abstracts this week – I am happy to assemble those for a proposal we can all sign off over the weekend.






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