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Re: [soa-dev] Reusing Figures from BPMN2 Modeler

On 09/11/2011 15:31, Bob Brodt wrote:
Hi Mickael,

Hmm, not sure if you knew that the BPMN2 Modeler is based on Graphiti
Yes I knew that.

and the code will probably be difficult to bend into a shape suitable for a GEF editor/viewer...
There are indeed some differences, but concepts are the same, and Graphiti also relies on Draw2d, like GMF. So I suspect there were some things I could re-use. It looks like Graphiti is about Algorithm definition rather than Figure description. So I am now less optimistic about the possibility of re-usage.

you should probably start by getting a bit more familiar with the Graphiti framework.
I'm doing it by looking at your code ;)

That said, take a look at org.eclipse.bpmn2.modeler.core.features.activity.AbstractAddActivityFeature#add() - this is where all the fun stuff happens :)
Seen this. What I see here is an opportunity to wrap a Graphiti Feature into a Figure that I could re-use in GMF.

Let me know if you need help understanding this code.
Thanks for proposing help. I hope I won't need to bother you a lot.


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