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Re: [soa-dev] A BPM Runtime and API

Hi Mickael,

For eBPM project you could take a look here:


WRT to the API, for eBPM you cound find the eBPM workflow API defined here:


The stable api is: IProcessEngine, IControlAPI, IQueryAPI
Instead the IBPMGateway is still not definitive.... so at the moment you should not take care about.

As explained in the wiki at the moment to use the "BPM Runtime" you need to get some additional bundles, from Spagic Project, this is because default implementation
of BPM API is now based on JBPM 3.x and this means we cannot contribute this bundle within eclipse due to the LGPL licensing of jbpm.

Our goal for the future would be to provide a BPM Runtime within eclipse repositories...
So at the moment support for eBPM project is provided within Spagic project.

At the moment we're studying/evaluating the following ways:

1) To provide a "lite implementation"  of a minimal BPM runtime
2) To evaluate *other engines* that would be compatible within eclipse foundation licensing

BTW i'm still interested in your post and i'm open if you've idea to define a *common BPM API* that each projects would then implement itself.


Il 11/08/2011 09:37, Mickael Istria ha scritto:
Hi all,

Now that there are more and more projects about BPM in the SOA TLP, I am wondering whether one of them provides a re-usable BPM runtime, with an API. It seems like eBPM and Stardust do that, but I can't read anything about API. Are they intended to be internal (and then avoid most possible integration between different tools), or does one project officially provides this runtime and API, and offer community support on it ?


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