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[smila-user] New documentation handling



I finally managed to find an acceptable way for archiving our documentation and keeping it up-to-date with constantly changing code in the trunk:


We will continue to maintain the documentation of the current code in trunk in our wiki (http://wiki.eclipse.org/SMILA).

The documentation (converted in static HTML pages) of already published releases will be archived on our project website (http://www.eclipse.org/smila/documentation.php).

The new rule in the documentation procedure is that since images in archived pages are _not_ archived themselves but still referenced directly from wiki, we have to provide a completely new image (instead of uploading a new version of an existing one) when updating it (of course only if necessary!) for upcoming release. I suggest that we use <image_name>_v<release_no>.png as a naming schema.



You can now update the documentation in wiki root according to trunk status (port http://wiki.eclipse.org/SMILA/Documentation/2011.Simplification to http://wiki.eclipse.org/SMILA).