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[smila-dev] Replaced Lucene integration with Solr integration

Hi everyone,


I just checked in a major change with the replacement of the Lucene integration with Solr. All Lucene related bundles where removed from the repository. You have to update your workspaces accordingly and you have also to migrate any custom Search/Indexing-Pipelines as well as index schemas to Solr.


Please note that the replacement is not completely finished, yet. There are a couple of issues that will be addressed within the next weeks:

-          Currently only the “Default” search works, “Advanced” search is not supported yet

-          Field search, filters and sortBy are not supported yet

-          Bundle org.apache.solr.allinone will probably be replaced with separate Solr/Lucene bundles from Orbit

-          Wiki documentation is not up to date


Please report any issues or problems so that we can address them prior to the 1.0 release.