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Re: [smila-dev] Advance notice: Lucene integration will no longer be supportd

Hi Daniel,

A few pointers:
- Donât forget to drop the old .integration.solr bundle
- the apache.lucene bundles should be replaced with the versions in use by solr and which are currently part of o.a.solr.allinone. 
We had put these all local to the solr bundle in order to run into fewer version/dependency conflicts. 
On the other hand, we could also leave the jars in that bundle but then should export the packages with correct version numbers OR defer all this cleanup stuff when we are switching to solr 3.5.

Thomas Menzel @ brox IT-Solutions GmbH

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Subject: [smila-dev] Advance notice: Lucene integration will no longer be supportd

Hi everybody,

in preparation of the upcoming release of SMILA 1.0 we are cleaning up and consolidating our bundles and the wiki.
The most important change is that we will no longer support our integration with Lucene but focus on integration with Solr only.
Therefore expect that by the end of the week these bundles will no longer be available.

Here is a list of the bundles to be removed (subject to change):
- org.apache.lucene
- org.apache.lucene.analysis
- org.apache.lucene.search.highlight
- org.apache.lucene.test
- org.eclipse.smila.integration.solr
- org.eclipse.smila.lucene
- org.eclipse.smila.lucene.test
- org.eclipse.smila.search
- org.eclipse.smila.search.datadictionary
- org.eclipse.smila.search.highlighting
- org.eclipse.smila.search.highlighting.test
- org.eclipse.smila.search.utils

I will send a notification when the changes are committed to svn.

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