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Re: [smila-dev] Add my own agent

Hi Lorenzo,


Your zip file does not include the SMILA.application directory, so I can only guess.

Actually, /smila/agents/ does not list the available crawler implementations, but the available data sources for agents. So you need to add a data source XML file for your agent to configuration/org.eclipse.smila.connectivity.framework and if it can be parsed successfully, it should show up in the /smila/agents/ list. If not there should be error messages in the log file that help you finding the reason (hopefully ;-)





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I wrote my agent as defined in www.eclipse.org/smila/documentation/0.9/SMILA/Development_Guidelines/How_to_implement_an_agent.html.

When I run SMILA in my eclipse I supposed to see it into the agent list at URL http://localhost:8080/smila/agents/ (a bewitchment? yes :-) ). Evidently is not so.
There is a place surely where I need to add it to the framework.

That my scenario:
An agent retrieving some youtube pages than sending created Record to a workflow.

Please, how can I have my new agent running?

I send you:

  • a common bundle
  • the agent
  • My SMILA.application
  • the config.ini
  • the SMILA.log of the startup



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