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Re: [smila-dev] BPEL Workflow: How deserialize calls to workflows or fork two different sequence pipeline

No, not this way.

If you process the same bulk in two separate actions of a asynchronous workflow you are working on two separate record instances, so everything should be fine.

The synchronization stuff is about writing to the same record in two pipelet invocations in the same BPEL workflow that are executed in parallel which could happen when using the BPEL <flow> activity. Then both pipelets would be working on the same record instance on the same blackboard. It could be necessary then to put write accesses to the records in your pipelet in a synchronized block, like

Record record = blackboard.getRecord(id);

synchronized (record) {

   record.getMetadata().put(attribute, value);



But as we never tried this before I’m not quite sure about this myself.





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Grazie Jürgen.

You tell me that if I need to access to the same bulk in two sub-pipelines I need to create my own version of Record Implementation ad blackboard to introduce synchronization access to th record "attributes"?
Those objects in SMILA are not synchronized yet or that is what you want to do?

Thanks a lot, Lorenzo

Il 08/12/2011 8.50, Jürgen Schumacher ha scritto:

Buon giorno,

Yes, that should be possible using the BPEL <flow> activity, something like:




     … pipelets for HTML processing …



     … pipelets for video processing …




However, we did not yet try this out. But parallel processing in <forEach> activities works, so I assume that this should work, too.

Of course, you should not manipulate the same attributes in both sequences. It may even be necessary to do some synchronization of  record write accesses, as the AnyMap implementation is just based on simple unsynced HashMaps.




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