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[smila-dev] search api : result structure



I have posted on the wiki page a discussion note, to which nobody replied yet.

hence, in case u missed it, I want to give a gentle hint via the mailing list and suggest to start/continue discussion by mail of these items that I just copied from the wiki page:



Top 1
TM: i suppose that the '_' indicates meta information regarding the result item? is that a convention in this context?

Top 2
TM: previously each result item was an own record. what is the reason to change this so completely?

TM: since score is used to describe and explain the meaning of _weight, why not use _score and convey the meaning directly?

TOP 4 return binary content
TM: there is no nice way to return binary content anymore. these 2 solutions i came up with:

  1. add an attachment to the search record with a name after this pattern: <resultItem-record.Id>.<resultItem.atachmentName>
  2. convert the byte[] into a string and return it in the AnyMap



adding to this list I want this point:


top 5 result record vs. result item


since the results are returned as part of one record now (see top 2), I suggest to use a diff. wording here. I would talk of result *items* instead of result *records*, since they are not records anymore (in a technical sense) and it gets confusing when classes and documentation still talks about result *record* (at least I was confused in the beginning). hence, I would rename the ResultRecordAccessor -> ResultItemAccessor which yields IMO a clearer distinction to the ResultAccessor.



Thomas Menzel @ brox IT-Solutions GmbH


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