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[smila-dev] code conventions

hi fellow commiters,


as u all know we have some code conventions and for this some tooling support in the form of checkstyle and the formatter.


I was about to check these in under the releng folder to have it more at the fingertips when setting up the devenv but then thought if we should discuss this first, if we want to change anything here, in light of the coming major changes in M 0.8.


particular it comes to my mind that the current checkstyle configuration is outdated and would need to be migrated to version 5 to be able to use it without hassle from within a current eclipse IDE.

question here: is anyone really using it? (to be honest I dont) . But then again I'm used to the style anyhow and probably don’t violate it too much. For newbies is see that such a thing would be a good help and a form of documentation on the style we have been using (and expect).


The formatter I would like to keep as it is, except for turning on the formatter on/off tags, which are a new feature and is off by default.


regarding both: before checking in I would also rename the files and turn the "brox" into "smila"


Thomas Menzel @ brox IT-Solutions GmbH


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