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Re: [smila-dev] Branch of SMILA

Dear community,

As JÃrgen nicely stated in his mail below, we are about to introduce some major changes in SMILA's data model.
One of the major points of criticism of SMILA was its complexity: to many different services, (very) complex data model, no unified referencing in BPEL...

So here is the good news:
In the course of moving to release 0.8 we decided to address the most of these issues and (hopefully) improve SMILA substantially.

In the next couple of weeks we will:
1. Remove the concept of processing services and referencing them directly in BPEL. In the future there will be only Pipelets which - if needed - reference OSGi services running within the framework.
2. Do some preparations for introducing REST APIs in SMILA (using JSON for data interchange)
3. We will replace Tomcat with Jetty (which will provide our REST APIs later and for the meantime host the demo test application)
4. Significant simplify the data model by giving up the annotations in records. 
5. Cleaning up the blackboard API
6. Adapt the search API accordingly

So stay tuned and enjoy!

Your feedback is - as always - very appreciated.


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FYI: We started a branch of SMILA where we try to simplify some of the
core elements of SMILA. This affects mainly the data model which we want
to redesign completely, but this has effects on many parts of the
processing framework of SMILA. The branch URL is 


I also created a wiki page to document the changes we are doing there:


Not much has happened yet, but it definitely will in the next couple of
weeks (: The merge back to trunk is currently planned to happen in about
4 weeks.

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