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[smila-dev] smila build :: extension feature vs. hard coded versions

hi folks,


I had updated some bundles for better source lookup in the smila.extension folder and broke with this the build (while the IDE remained happy) because the extension.feature includes the version qualifier for the referenced bundles. u have noticed that and fixes that already I have just seen.

but, does anyone know if there is a specific reason for defining the version?


the recommendation is to not do this but let the build take care of this. in light of this, I have changed the feature.xml to comply with this as it works on my end and also all other features that we have don’t spec any distinct versions.


also I have removed bundles from the extension folder that are already present in the eclipse 3.5 SDK. that way we don’t have them twice in our target definition which in my experience causes IDE troubles sometimes when trying to resolve the bundles.


Thomas Menzel @ brox IT-Solutions GmbH


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