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Re: [smila-dev] aperture and RDF in SMILA

It was Simon Button who said at the right time 26.10.2009 08:40 the
following words:
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> Hi Simon,
> Welcome to Smila and the Smila-Dev Mailing list! 
> It is very nice to hear that you like SMILA and we would be very happy if
> you decide to get more involved into SMILA and maybe to contribute to SMILA.
> 1) 
>    At the moment we are not planning to implement crawlers and Agents for
> accessing Mailboxes for smila (cause: Legal Process, but this is not decided
> by now). 
>    We plan to have some Agents and Crawlers to support Access to Mailboxes
> with eccenca (Special Distribution of SMILA, see http://www.eccenca.com &
> http://market.eccenca.com) but there is no official release date for it. 
>    we intend to get Aperture to work with SMILA and distribute it somehow
> with SMILA, but this is focused on document conversion (which is used
> especially in the BPEL Workflows). 
>    When we will integrate Aperture in SMILA, we will also investigate more
> the techniques of the aperture crawlers.

aperture has IMAP,
mailbox, and MS-Outlook (desktop version, ahem) crawlers.

crawled results in RDF
> 2) At the moment in SMILA there exists a bundle for sesame and some
> BPEL-Pipelets that can use sesame. We have not discussed the further plans
> of SMILA regarding ontologies until now but we had a demo on the EclipseCon
> 09 that is using an ontology:    http://live.eclipse.org/node/734
>   We would be happy if you decide to contribute on this topic, please stay
> in touch with us.
yep, we are working on that in SMILA.
I am not on it and cannot speak much about it, because I am a bit busy
with other things,
but in general there was a plan for a possibility to pipe RDF through
whats the status of that, btw?

Aperture returns RDF which is a kind of semantic data from the start.
It adhers to the OSCAF.org standard ontologies also used by KDE and
gnome and NOKIA for MAEMO.
so, you won't get more standard than that I guess for document indexing.

Once this all works, the data is compatible with some of the other
semantic search engines out there
(nepomuk, strigi, ....)


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