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AW: [smila-dev] RE: FYI :: new feature :: Message Resequencer


> yes, I agree that we would need some kind of Record locking. 

> But this cannot be
> done in a Listener, as you may have a setup with multiple Queues,
using multiple
> Routers/Listeners. 
When the Connectivity tries to store the record for the first time then
the blackboard should lock it. The router can then enqueue the message
in some queue.
When Connectivity now tries to store another version of the same record
the blackboard should read the "lock" and deny its update.

> What we need is some kind of mechanism that reports to
> Connectivity that processing of a Record finished (either successfully
or with an
> error). 
The listener consumes the message from the queue and when the processing
is done it should not remove the message from the queue but also remove
the lock (by calling blackboard).