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Re: [smila-dev] Distribution DBXML

I think that Berkeley dbxml is more popular and better supported that Xindice.. are there any known cases of using Xindice in big projects?
If binary libraries are problem itself, I think we could require to install berkeley dbxml separately (at lease for the initial version), anyway we still need java interface for these libraries (probably can be installed separately too)

Juergen.Schumacher@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

There is an XML database by Apache named Xindice, http://xml.apache.org/xindice/index.html. The lib directory
of the download looks quite harmless. Could it work as an
replacement? Maybe somebody can have a look at this who knows which
features are needed.


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We got new feedback for the CQ for our DBXML Bundles.

What do you think, what we should do,

We can separate it from our main distribution but smila need a xml

See the comment from the CQ:


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Hi Sebastian. This contribution is very large and will quite possibly
take on
the order of a month and half for the IP team to do the review that's
How do you intend to use this code? Are you planning to wrap it into
a Equinox
bundle and distribute it that way? Or is this something that the user
will be
required to install separately?

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