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Re: [sequoyah-dev] Status of Mobile Tools for Java



I supplied a patch to MTJ to support a feature where we allowed SDK providers to plug in toolkits into MTJ. The 1.0.2* tag was applied to mark the code before this rather large change was added.






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I noticed today that the MTJ Git repository has what looks like "branch" directories in the master branch.



Does anybody have any idea what's happening here? Is this an artefact from the SVN import? (the root directory structure looks like an SVN repository to me).

Also, is MTJ still active? There hasn't been very much commit activity for a long while.

I've also noticed that the defunct mailing list, dsdp-mtj-dev, is still listed in the project metadata. It's not clear to me what channel I should be using to communicate with MTJ.



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Wayne Beaton
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