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[sequoyah-dev] GSoC Wrapup

Hi Lucas!

In order to have a formal wrapup of our GSoC activities here in Sequoyah, can you please answer the following questions? Our intention is to register this experience as a lessons learned for the future.

1) What worked better and what didn’t in terms of activities workflow?
2) What difficulties did you have with code and technical understanding? 
3) What did you like the most in terms of evolving the code?
4) The model of meetings on demand and e-mail orientation worked?
5) What was the best communication channel with your mentors?
6) How responsive was your mentor to you when you had questions or sent communications?
7) How often did you interact with your mentors? 
8) Give one example of a very good or very bad interaction you had with your mentor.
9) What suggestions do you have for Sequoyah project?
10) Do you think this experience helped you in your education?
11) How would you rate your experience with the program overall?

Thanks a lot!