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Re: [sequoyah-dev] Sequoyah - Google Summer of Code 2011


Thank you very much Daniel, I had read the GSoc article before. And this article written by you, will be very useful, thank you, I will read it tomorrow mornig with attention.

Have a nive weekend too!

Best Regards,

2011/4/1 Daniel Pastore <kpqb38@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Hi guys,

Let us show you a little more information, to help you understand better our proposal.

The Eclipse architecture



This picture has quite a good description of the Eclipse architecture.


Altough many people use Eclipse as an IDE for Java, its components can be customized to create whole new products (not only tools or IDEs), considering that Eclipse is also a platform. This means that you can customize it to your needs, adding views, forms, editors and use many other things that are already available for use, like UI, IO, preference pages and so on.


Here are some links with products using Eclipse as platform:


The MOTODEV Studio for Android is an IDE for developing Android software, that is built upon Eclipse and uses Sequoyah to provide some features.



This is a list of Eclipse-based software, to show you that there's much more software that can be developed using Eclipse than just IDE's. For all these softwares, their developers could use our feature to help them translate the program to other languages.



This is a repository of programs that the Eclipse Foundation maintain. You can also find all sorts of programs here, integrated to use while developing in Eclipse or standalone.


For more information about Eclipse as platform see:







As you should already know at this point, Eclipse products are built by means of plug-ins. In order to create your own plug-ins (and so add your own functionalities) you need tools.

Here is where PDE comes to the rescue. The Plugin Development Environment is an Eclipse project that provides several tools aimed to plugin development.

More info:

http://help.eclipse.org/helios/index.jsp?topic=/org.eclipse.pde.doc.user/guide/intro/pde_overview.htm (take a careful look at the “Concepts” item)




Sequoyah LFE

            One of the tools/funcionalities of PDE is allowing localization of plug-ins.

Now comes the fun part: our main goal in this GSoC project is to extend our editor to allow it to understand Eclipse project files! This way, anyone who develops an Eclipse application can make good use of our tools to easily localize their product.

For this to become a reality, two main actions should be taken:

-          Create the new schema that makes the editor understand Eclipse projects (it would be one of the "Platform impl" in the picture at http://www.eclipse.org/sequoyah/components/localization.php).

-          Extend the data model support to more than one scope, also allowing it to be changed ‘on the fly‘. Now it only understands one schema at a time and we need to make it understand more than one scope at the same time (e.g., Android, Java, Eclipse, or any other schema that Sequoyah users decide to implement).


This class diagram is under development, explaining a little better some of the main classes of our plugins.

Please read carefully all these information. We know it's a lot, and we think you might have some questions after you read it. Do not hesitate to send us a message! We'll be glad to help. :)

Just remember you have to enter your proposal in the system before April 8th.
And if you take a look at some messages on the soc-dev mailing list (https://dev.eclipse.org/mailman/listinfo/soc-devyou will find some interesting tips, specially from Wayne Beaton. ;)

Have a nice weekend!

Daniel Pastore
Sequoyah Team

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