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[sequoyah-dev] Sequoyah current status

Hi all, 

we have just published a new build in our update site, providing support to NDK r5 (331957 - Latest NDK version -r5 has different path structure than previous). This build can be found at: http://download.eclipse.org/sequoyah/updates/1.1

From this point on, we'll merge to trunk major changes that will be part of Sequoyah 2.0, to be released along with Indigo. Such changes include:
323036 Add support to other Localizable Resources
325110 Add support to new Android Localization qualifiers
325630 Fix validation of some android localization qualifiers
326793 Improvements on the String Arrays handling
327924 Localization Files Editor allows users to create keys with spaces
329548 Allow multiple instances selection on Device Manager View

If a stable build is necessary, please check /branches/1.1 on our SVN repository. Meanwhile (and until Indigo), we'll be working in the trunk with new fixes and features.