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[sequoyah-dev] Improvements for the Device Management View

Hi All,

I'm Vinicius from MOTODEV Studio team. We use Sequoyah in our project and would like to implement some improvements to the Device Management View in the scope of Sequoyah.

The Device Management View basically contains device instances and services attached to each one, based on their type. One feature requested by our users is the ability to run a service towards more than one device instance at a time. In other words, they want to be able to multi-select instances in the Device Management View and apply an action for all the selected ones.

See an screenshot/prototype of our proposal:

Basically, users can select the instances using the check boxes and then apply one of the actions available in the toolbar. The items/services in the toolbar will be enabled or not depending on the selection. A service will only be enabled if it can be applied for all selected instances (in other words, if the instances have the same type).

What do you guys think about this idea? Any suggestions? 


Best Regards,