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[sequoyah-dev] SCRUM Sprints Goals

Hi all, 

For those interested in our development process, we are now adopting agile methods for software development in Sequoyah, more precisely, SCRUM.

There are several good references available in the web, like http://www.scrumalliance.org/learn_about_scrum and http://www.scrum.org/scrumguides, but basically SCRUM is an iterative, incremental methodology that works with sprints. Each sprint has a goal that the team commits to accomplish, and each goal is compound by tasks. For each sprint, we intend to publish in this email thread what are the goals committed by Sequoyah team. In every open meeting we intend to talk about the results of each sprint. 

The goal for the current sprint (which we are officially calling "sprint 2") is related to our work on LFE improvements. It states "LFE working as usual but using the new data model, and ignoring comments at this moment. Add LFE toolbar with one simple action - add string."

For any topics related to this subject, please feel free to comment here.