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Re: [sequoyah-dev] Re: [mobile-iwg] Pulsar SDK discovery work for Helios

Hi Ronnie, 

unfortunately, we didn't have time to plan carefully what is going to be the Mylyn based solution due our Helios integration deadlines, that's why we went for a P2 based solution. As soon as we have time to explore the Mylyn solution, we'll provide you more details.


On Sat, Mar 13, 2010 at 4:11 PM, <Ronnie.King@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


Could you provide more details on what you are planning to contribute after you complete the Helios integration builds? If the Mylyn discovery UI is going to be included, it would be good to know if this will include backward compatibility with the current metadata model or will it require changes by all of the SDK vendors?


On 3/12/10 12:22 PM, "ext Marcel Gorri" <wmg040@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Eric, 

yes, for now we have SDK Discovery fixed based only on P2 API. We are not integrating anything from Mylyn due to time constraints. As soon as we have Helios train ok, we'll restart this work.


On Thu, Mar 11, 2010 at 7:03 PM, ERIC CLONINGER <ericc@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi David,

This work is providing only enough P2 work to discover and handle the packages. There is not, to my knowledge, anything being done with the Mylyn discovery UI. I don't know the details of how it's being done, so I'm including Daniel on this chain.


On Thu, Mar 11, 2010 at 3:33 PM,  <David.Dubrow@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Just wondering if this work is being based on the the current work of moving the Mylyn discovery UI and some of its metadata into p2 for Helios or strictly on Mylyn?
See this bugzilla:

David Dubrow

On 3/10/10 11:10 AM, "ext ERIC CLONINGER" <dcp874@xxxxxxxxxxxx <http://dcp874@xxxxxxxxxxxx> > wrote:

Hello Pulsar members,

We made a decision at the last Sequoyah call regarding the SDK discovery in Pulsar. The Sequoyah team was on the call, as was Jon from RIM.  We discussed the options and agreed that this solution is the safest path.

The Pulsar package does not currently build against Helios. We need to get the Pulsar package building and operational before Friday's M6 milestone, so Eldorado volunteered the effort.  They proposed a plan that will get the package working using the existing p2 connector with the Helios APIs. As of today, they've implemented the changes, tested them, and have them in a branch, ready to integrate into the main trunk. The Mylyn connector strategy is the right choice for the future, but without anyone committed to the effort, it will have to wait until Helios SR1.

If anyone has issues with this plan, please respond ASAP.


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