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Re: [scout-dev] Release Notes Eclipse Scout Trunk (Juno, 3.8.0)

Hi Stephan


When renaming the fragment bundles, why don’t we use a consistent naming scheme?






Maybe I’m just missing the rule behind the chosen naming scheme?

When adding more and more database engines and versions, a clean naming scheme would be desirable.


Greetings Lukas



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Betreff: Re: [scout-dev] Release Notes Eclipse Scout Trunk (Juno, 3.8.0)




The names of the Fragments had to be renamed:


The names include the full version if necessary. The full version is now after the name with build-qualifier.


- com.mysql.jdbc_5117.fragment

- com.microsoft.mssql2005.fragment

- com.ibm.db2.jdbc_97.fragment

- com.oracle.oracle9i.jdbc.fragment

- com.oracle.oracle10g.jdbc.fragment

- com.oracle.oracle11g.jdbc.fragment

- org.apache.derby.jdbc_1053.fragment

- org.postgres.postgres9.jdbc.fragment



The version in the name conflicted with the version from the build.



If you already checked out the new fragments you have to check them out again. If you already changed your products and features you have to correct them.




Stephan Leicht

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Betreff: Release Notes Eclipse Scout Trunk (Juno, 3.8.0)




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If you are not using ServletFilters you can ignore this e-Mail.


In reference to Bug 361256 (http://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=361256) the following fragments were created:


- com.mysql.jdbc_5.1.17.fragment

- com.microsoft.mssql2005_1.1.fragment

- com.ibm.db2.jdbc_9.7.fragment

- com.oracle.oracle9i.jdbc_9.2.0.fragment

- com.oracle.oracle10g.jdbc_10.2.4.fragment

- com.oracle.oracle11g.jdbc_11.2.0.fragment

- org.apache.derby.jdbc_10.5.3.fragment

- org.postgres.postgres9.jdbc_9.0.801.fragment




Authentication of Scout web projects (RAP, Wicket) has to be done in the 'client-server' part where the 'org.eclipse.scout.rt.server' bundle

is not accessible. So all security filters have been moved to the 'org.eclipse.scout.http.servletfilter' bundle. Since scout does also provide

datasource security filters JDBC connections have to get accessed from the server and servletfilter bundle. In case of 'org.eclipse.scout.http.servletfilter'

a ClassNotFound exception of the jdbc driver gets thrown.




Moved all jdbc driver jars to separate fragments having the 'system.bundle' as host bundle. Fragments to the system bundle can be accessed from

every bundle in the osgi.




Add the corresponding jdbc driver fragment to your product file.

E.g. having the 'com.bsiag.scout.rt.server.jdbc.oracle11g2' bundle you need also 'com.oracle.oracle11g.jdbc_11.2.0.fragment' in your product files.







Release: Juno, 3.8.0

SVN: https://dev.eclipse.org/svnroot/technology/org.eclipse.scout/scout.rt/trunk/

Update Site: http://download.eclipse.org/scout/nightly/update/

Bugzilla: https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/buglist.cgi?query_format=advanced;target_milestone=3.8.0%20Juno;product=Scout


Eclipse Scout Tools Development



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