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[scout-dev] Release Notes Eclipse Scout 2011-Jun (Indigo, SR1 3.7.1)



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12.08.2011 dwi

bsi ticket #100'300


If having an editable column of the type boolean, values are rendered as checkboxes. When changing the value of that checkbox, the checkbox jumps from center position to the left edge. Furthermore, not the same checkbox widget is displayed as in non-edit mode.


- Changed representation of checkbox to look the same in edit and non-edit mode.

- Fixed layout problems when changing from non-edit to edit-mode (checkbox positioning)

- Added VerticalAlignment on IBoolean column to align the checkbox in both directions, vertical and horizontal

- Fixed problems in LogicalGridLayout manager to round resulting floating numbers (center position caluculations) the same way as Java layout managers do. Otherwise, the checkbox is positioned differently in between of the layout managers which causes the checkbox to jump around.

- Fixed problems in inset calculation to look the same on the different L&F providers

Plugins affected:

- org.eclipse.scout.rt.ui.swing

- org.eclipse.scout.rt.client

- org.eclipse.scout.rt.ui.swing.laf.rayo.fragment

- org.eclipse.scout.rt.ui.swing.rayo






Release: Indigo, SR1 3.7.1

SVN: https://dev.eclipse.org/svnroot/technology/org.eclipse.scout/scout.rt/branches/2011-Jun/

Bugzilla: https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/buglist.cgi?query_format=advanced;target_milestone=3.7.1;product=Scout


Eclipse Scout Tools Development


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Software Engineer

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