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Re: [sapphire-dev] Sapphire-ModelElementList-UI Layout options

I have re-read this question several times, but I am afraid that I am still not understanding what you are trying to do. Could you explain differently somehow?

BTW, these sort of questions should really be directed to Sapphire forum (preferably) or at the very least to sapphire-dev mailing list.

- Konstantin

-----Original Message----- From: chris stodden
Sent: Tuesday, April 03, 2012 7:24 PM
To: Konstantin Komissarchik
Subject: Sapphire-ModelElementList-UI Layout options

Hey Konstantin,

I have a situation where I am using a ModelElementList and in the UI
using a switch-panel when elements are chosen in the said list.
However, I would like to represent the ModelElementList in a drop down,
where the chosen List element populates the panel not a switch.  The
problem is validation of javatype's on the list element's, where the
switch is not suppressing non-chosen list element child properties.

Thanks, Chris

Goal: Represent the ClientProxyList element in a drop down, upon choosing enables on that element. Here is a snippet:

<content> <property-editor> <property>ClientProxyList</property>


<spacer />
<spacer />


<label>Client Proxy Class:</label>
<description>Specify the class from the clientgen jar.
<label>Create Endpoint Interface</label>
<spacer />