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[sapphire-dev] Sapphire usage of Graphiti in juno M5

Hi all,


I just noticed that Sapphire uses Graphiti and is part of the Juno release train.


We (the Graphiti) team have done changes to the Graphiti DiagramEditor API for Juno M5 that will affect you. I noted these compile errors in the Graphiti related part of Sapphire caused by this change:

-          DiagramEditorFactory has been renamed to DiagramEditorInputFactory

-          DiagramEditor.getCurrentMouseLocation() has been removed as it was duplicate with getMouseLocation(); please use the latter

-          DiagramEditorInput does no longer take the editing domain and the Boolean flag disposeEditingDomain, simply remove them

-          The editing domain is no longer held by the input object, it can now be retrieved via the DiagramEditor


I’m not sure if you are taking part in M5, so this is a quick heads-up in case you do. Please let me know if you have questions.