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[rtp-dev] Publishing the source bundles in the RTP p2 repository

Hi everyone,

Holger and I quickly chatted about publishing the source bundles as much as we can for every feature we publish in the RTP repository.
The idea is to support the developers who take advantage of the enhanced Provisioning Target Platform wizard:

In order to do this:
1- When the source feature already exist: just add it to the category.xml
For example: 

I would think that we don't want to publish those sources in a specific category: this hides the source features from the PDE's UI and it is in-line with transparently provisioning the sources in PDE.

2- When the source feature does not exist:
2.1 File a bug to the original project: 
In the case of the equinox.core and equinox.p2 features: https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=341441
2.2 Define the source feature ourselves.
2.3 Nevermind: this is just a best effort after all.

I am not sure whether we should define a set of source features for every runtime feature we create ourselves or whether we should simply publish the source features directly.
What do you think?