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[rtp-dev] Bootstrapper/Configurator tool state

Hi everyone,

I just pushed the initial contribution for the bootstrapper/configurator tool into the following git repository https://github.com/eclipsesource/rtp.configurator. The repository has also a brunch 'bug340404_configurator'   which we can use for development until the initial contribution passes the IP process.

I created a meta bug (https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=340404) against the bootsrapper/configurator which have to be resolved for the 1.0.0 Version. You can use this bugzilla query to see all bugs which I created against the bootsrapper/configurator tool:

Currently I discussed following ideas for the configurator tool with Holger and Goerge:
Other ideas are welcome.

Best regards,

Dipl.-Inform. Beyhan Veliev

Consultant and Developer

Innoopract Informationssysteme GmbH
Stephanienstrasse 20, 76133 Karlsruhe Germany
General Manager: Jochen Krause
Registered Office: Karlsruhe, Commercial Register Mannheim HRB 107883