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[rt-pmc] Gyrex RT PMC participation

Greetings RT PMC,

I was looking for a meeting schedule and found the dial-in numbers and
the last meeting notes which brings up an action item for us (will, or
Tom who would have delegated to us ;)).


Initially it will be me who'll represent Gyrex in the RT PMC. There is
some discussion in bringing in a co-lead so that there will be a backup
in case I can't attend. But that's not happening in the near future. He
need to start contributing patches first.:)

Looking at the schedule it seems like the next calls will be May 16th,
May 30th and June 13th. I already know that that I won't be able to make
the calls due to a lucky combination of vacation and travels and
conflicts. Meanwhile, I subscribed to the list and I'll monitor both
(the list as well as the minutes wiki) for possible action items! Sorry
for the slow start. :(


Gunnar Wagenknecht