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Re: [rt-pmc] Committer vote for Jordan Dukadinov has been vetoed by the PMC

Hi Christian

No, I didn't look because the information provided gave me the impression that Jordan had only raised bugs and not solved any. It would have really helped if the nomination had listed the bugs with patches in the proposal.

Please could you attach that information to the nomination and then we can hopefully get it approved ASAP, portal permitting.


On 28 Mar 2012, at 11:37, Campo, Christian wrote:

hi glyn,

I agree that this come over a little harsh. Did you look for Jordan's
patches for Riena ? I mean like in query the bugzilla database and couldnt
find any ?

He did supply a number of patches for Riena bugs. Its just that I didnt
list them in the proposal.

a wellŠ..


Am 28.03.12 03:55 schrieb "portal on behalf of Glyn Normington" unter

rt PMC Members,
This automatically generated message marks the PMC's veto of the vote for
Jordan Dukadinov's full Committer status on the rt.riena project.

The PMC's comments were: One of the roles of PMC members is to ensure that
Eclipse projects are run as a meritocracy. The rules for committer
state the nomination should "Cite the bugs [the proposed committer has]
fixed via patches". So, although I'm sure Jordan is a great guy, I can
veto this election until he has fixed a few bugs which can be cited of
evidence of (a) his merit and (b) the need to make him a committer (since
if he doesn't write code, he can continue as a contributor).

Sorry if this seems a bit harsh. I did hesitate before vetoing. But I hope
everyone will agree that we need to avoid slipping our standards at

Jordan: please plough in and submit patches for 3-4 bugs and the PMC will
then be able to approve.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your project
lead, PMC member, or the EMO <emo@xxxxxxxxxxx>

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